Our mission

Be the first choice for discerning buyers of beautifully designed, longer-lasting products and accessories.

Our story

Innovative design and user focus are hard to achieve but at Mieum, we want to go further. We believe that manufacturing any product in this era brings with it the need to be responsible - to think about our environment, to challenge unnecessary consumption and the e-waste it produces.

We want to ensure that what we do isn’t just about creating beautiful products but also contributing to a more sustainable culture. We took our time to identify a product that is ubiquitous but has been overlooked and left behind. Having honed in on this item, we then took a good, long look to consider how it is used - and could be improved - for users in every scenario.  

The result is our launch product - the UC01 universal charger.

Over time, you’ll discover one other vital difference that is integral to Mieum products. We employ modular design thinking with upgrade-able options as a way of extending use and promoting a healthier consumption culture.

We’ve identified a number of further items and will shortly be sharing our expanded product range with you. Whatever Mieum makes, you can be sure that all our products will be designed and manufactured with responsibility in mind.

We know this is just the beginning but we can’t wait to take the next step.

mieum - everything’s worked out beautifully

Our principles

Whenever you buy a Mieum product, you’ll know that it has been developed in line with our 3 core principles.

Designed for a stylish life

Mieum’s design excellence means can enjoy accessories that are as good looking and as innovative as your technology.

Designed for a simpler life

Mieum brings an unwavering focus on users, looking at products from every angle to simplify what they do and simplify your life.

Designed for a longer life

Modular elements, durable components and repairable products mark the end of forced obsolescence and mean you can use Mieum products time and time again.